Shower trays aren’t exactly the most elegant of products for your bathroom, they are there to serve a purpose. Choosing a shower tray is therefore something which is not typically given that much consideration, you simply find the size that fits your bathroom and choose that one. However, with shower trays now available in many different styles at Talce  and materials, this selection process should be more considered.wood-shower-trays-talce-lebanon1

There are 2 common styles of shower trays. The first is square or rectangular shower trays   which as the names suggest, are perfectly square or rectangular! wood-shower-trays-talce-lebanon2

Along with rectangular shower trays, square shower trays are probably the most popular shower trays. Quadrant shower trays however, are becoming more popular in bathrooms, especially where space is limited.wood-shower-trays-talce-lebanon6 Quadrant shower trays have two straight sides and one curved edge, which means that the space taken up at the front of the shower is reduced. For  quadrants shower trays where one of the straight sides is longer than the other, these are known as offset quadrant shower trays. Offset shower trays are available in left and right hand versions. Other styles of shower trays are available and include pentagonal or bow fronted shower trays but these are less common and for specialist installations.

The final decision that needs to be made when choosing between different shower trays is the height of the shower tray. wood-shower-trays-talce-lebanon4

Standard shower trays come in standard heights but can be more difficult to plumb in if space is limited. However, Better Bathrooms’ offers easy plumb shower trays which have height adjustable legs on the underneath of the shower trays, raising them up off the ground, which makes plumbing the tray that much easier.wood-shower-trays-talce-lebanon5

Slim line shower trays are also an option, which are extra flat and provide a more discreet look in your shower. Slim line shower trays are a good option for walk in showers or wet rooms.wood-shower-trays-talce-lebanon3
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