During your first 100 days as a Talce brand hot tub owner, use your next party as an opportunity in order to “show off “your brand new Hot Tub and impress some of your friends or family with your great Hospitality. You sure don’t want to throw a party where it seems like the host hasn’t put the necessary preparation time for food, drinks, music and activities. Hot Tub were built for entertainment, so follow this Talce Checklist for your ultimate Hot Tub Party..

GEAR FOR YOUR GUESTS EXTRA BATHING SUITS: Keep extra bathing suits, swim trunks or old t-shirts as backup for guests who might forget their bathing gear at home. Sometimes, guests forget their bathing suits on purpose just so they wouldn’t get in the Hot Tub. But once they’ll know and see how much everyone is having fun, they would want to jump into.

TOWELS: You can never have too many towels on hand, especially when you consider that guests will get in and out of the hot tub multiple times. Keep a rotation of dry towels going so that everyone stays comfortable.

THINGS TO DO GAMES: Most of the action will be around your hot tub, so keep your guests entertained with games that can get them wet. Waterproof cards, floating game boards and checkers are always good bets, as group games like charades.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Although it’s a hot tub party, not everyone will be in the tub at the same time. Make sure all of your guests are comfortable and entertained (not just the ones in the tub) by providing ample seating around the tub and a variety of outdoor games.

REFRESHMENTS DRINKS: Stock up on a variety of ice cold drinks that will keep everyone refreshed. It’s a good idea to provide your guests with either cans or plastic cups to avoid any broken glass around the hot tub area. Make sure everyone stays hydrated and safe in a party atmosphere by keeping plenty of chilled water available.

FOOD: Remember to keep food light, as most guests won’t want to be walking around in their swimsuits with a belly full of food.

SET THE MOOD MUSIC: Every great party needs a great soundtrack. Crowd-pleasing music is a must, so try an oldies playlist to keep everyone happy. Some Talce hot tubs models come with built in Radios that make it easy to keep the music going without getting in and out of the tub.

LIGHTING: It’s amazing how much ambiance some soft lighting can provide, so try adding candles, lanterns or twinkling lights to your hot tub area. Many Talce hot tubs offer lighting options.

Remember, if the host isn’t having fun, the guests won’t either. Making these necessary preparations beforehand will ultimately allow you to sit back, relax and have a blast from the moment the party starts.

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