Our sauna experience comes in many sizes, shapes and styles Each is a singular expression of quality, expertise and design. Your sauna cabin needs to become a seamless part of your every day life by considering structure and performance  specifications as well as aesthetics. Whatever your choice, each offers the comfort, dependability and well-being only a sauna from. TALCE Sauna’s can provide. Bringing together the simple sophistication our sauna line sets the tone for relaxation in style. Decor options such as a floor-wide bottom bench let you integrate the heater, creating
even more comfort space and ensuring the sauna is safe for children.
The joys of steam bathing have been known and appreciated for as long as sauna has existed. Romans understood the rewards of a rich moist steam cleanse, both for hygiene and the feel of soft, silky smooth skin afterwards. Our industry too have taken advantage of the purifying qualities of steam over the years, treasuring a daily bath to unwind tight muscles, stimulate blood flow and re- emerge whole once more. At Talce, we pride ourselves on the innovation and design of our steam generators. Dependable, quality focused, energy-saving and above all, producing a faultless high humidity climate for genuine relaxation and revitalization.
When it comes to swimming pools and backyard dreams, thousands of Lebanese homeowners have trusted us making TALCE the local swimming pool builder / pool contractor of choice. Our sales & construction offices specialize in building and remodeling concrete pools. some markets, fiberglass pools and vinyl liner pools are also available. Our swimming pool designers offer in-home estimates with pricing and custom pool plans for new construction and renovations. TALCE Pools is an award-winning company, with an experienced team of builders, designers and engineers who can provide the best solution for your needs. We work closely with each client on the
design, concept and creation of their swimming pool. Each of our pool designs are unique. We understand that every client is different and because of this we listen to all their concerns and strive to provide them with an original pool design that they will love. Our reputation is everything to us. We strive to impress our clients by delivering
a product of exceptional quality, providing superior customer service and value for money
Create A Style That’s All Your Own With Our Intentionally Designed Fiberglass Pools Whether you’re looking to transform your backyard into a place to entertain family
and friends, create a tranquil private getaway or establish an exercise routine that your friends will envy, TALCE pools has a variety of in-ground pool designs to meet your needs. We crafted our pools based on the way our customers use them most. Here you’ll find a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to help you create a style that is uniquely yours. We set the standard in fiberglass pool construction. Our in ground fiberglass pool shells are constructed with the highest quality materials.
TALCE BATHTUBSTalce_Shop_Bathtubs

Our special features and accessories add a whole new dimension to relaxed bathing. Aesthetically shaped grips perfectly match the design of our various bathtub models and provide greater safety in the bath. As non-slip surface finishes, anti-slip and full anti-slip are fired permanently into the steel enamel and cover either a large section or the full base of the tub for secure footing.


The standards of modern bathroom design are high: The preferred shower solution today is floor-level, easy to install and integrates flexibly in different room situations. With this in mind, TALCE is pioneering complete integrated systems that leave nothing to be desired.


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