10 Surprising Hacks to Change your Bathroom into a Spa

After a very tiring day at work, nothing beats a spa visit to rejuvenate your spirit, mind and soul. However, as the cold weather begins to creeps in, most people tend to skip the pricey trip to a spa and would rather stay warm at home.

So, why not turn your own bathroom into an “at-home” spa?

We’ll show you in this blog how to enhance your life by recreating the vital spa experience right in your small bathroom by Talce.

 Spoil Yourself with a Small, Deep Soaking Tub

talce-bathtub-luxury-customJust because of the fact you live in a small bathroom, that doesn’t mean you are prohibited to enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub.  Bath manufacturers are offering a wide array of tubs that are no longer than five feet, but deep enough to soak.

Wooden Board

talce-bathtub-trayA wooden tray or board that you can slide over the tub is just so relaxing! You can fill a glass with your favorite drink, put a few candles, or even bring a book in, go in the state of art and enjoy your moment.

Candles Everywhere

talce-candle-lights-luxury-bathroomSpeaking of candles, whenever recreating your spa experience, always make sure you have some going around the bathroom to create a magnificent aroma. If candles make you nervous, just replace them with some oil diffuser with Lavender and Cedar-wood oils

Create a Warm Feeling with Faux Wood Tiles 

bathroom-talce-sanitary-blog-faux-wooden-tileFaux wood imitates the natural textures of wood. It not only has a higher resistance to water, but also comes in different patterns that can match any spa bathroom décor.

Warm Up With Heated Towels

talce-white-bath-towelsWho wouldn’t want to wrap up a nice, healing hot bath or shower with cold towels, especially during the winter? To retain heat within your body, there’s no other way than embracing yourself in comfy, warm towels after a long session of hot water.

Going back to earthy Roots

talce-bathroom-beautiful-bathtubIf you go to any spa, you’ll notice how all the colors are very earthy. So, if your bathroom isn’t that color, then try to put plants or small trees in your bathroom to give it that extra earthy color.

Set the Mood

hot-round-mini-bluetooth-speaker-waterproof-with-sucker-portable-wireless-speaker-sound-font-b-system-bYou can create a meditation playlist on your phone and play it through a Bluetooth speaker. With such a calming backdrop, you’ll take a relaxing soak as long as you can.

Dim the Lights

talce-bathroom-dim-lightsOne of the most important thing to do when recreating your ultimate spa experience in your bathroom is to dim the lights. Maybe one of the most important factor to achieving you’re at home spa are the lights. When they’re low, it soothes your eyes which makes you feel more tranquil than ever. If you don’t have dim lights, try to put a non-burning towel over the light.

Hot Rocks

phong-tam-dep-nhu-spa-19-171750851If possible, invest in hot rocks or a steam bed that allows you to add some steam to the room, or at least heat up the temperature. It feels great and isn’t too costly compared to an actual spa visit!

Bath Salts

maxresdefaultThe best way to have a spa experience in your own bathroom is using certain bath salts. You can either buy them or make your own!
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5 Beautiful Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Rustic Custom Bathroom Remodel

talce-rustic-bathroomThis bathroom design has a feeling of a place that has existed years ago and was transported into a new renovation. The aim in this particular bathroom here is to find items from architectural salvage shops which specialize in the area of antiques and could be also found in the street markets. Remember, the older the piece feels the better for this themed bathroom remodel.

Natural Elements

talce-sit-in-bathtubsBy using richer and classier finishes such as stone wall cladding and wooden flooring, you create a lovely warmth in your bathroom. Wooden furniture such as shelves mixed with limestone tiles also has a clean sense to it and is great for minimalist lovers. As an added bonus this kind of bathroom is very easy to clean and looks welcoming when guests come to stay in your bathtub and enjoy the delightful view with a glass of wine in hand.

Charming Eclectic Bathroom

2319-saint-anthony-pkwy-50A mix of styles gives the eclectic revamp that your bathroom needs. Our favorite thing about this theme is that it never really goes out of fashion and style. So whether you want to mix coastal style with rustic or industrial with modern there are no real rules to it. In the picture, the bathroom has a fix ranging from farmhouse with rustic. The blue wooden cabinet with the blue marble stones five an interesting hue to the space.

Contemporary Design Bathroom

twice-styled-cover-346A contemporary bathroom renovation can make a huge difference on your home’s comfort level, not to mention its resale value. As you search for trendy bathroom ideas, you’ll find the simpler the more elegant a bathroom can get. An undermount customized bathtub could be ideal for that modernism touch. Opt to use a contrast between black and white marble flooring to make the bathroom look more spacious and simple in its design. Some unique paintings could add a nice tweak to the bathroom’s soothing environment.

French Fancy Shower

french-bathroom-style-talceWith so much history and culture behind the French design, it’s little wonder why many people choose to go with a French themed bathroom remodel.

This French style inspired bathroom is based around a cream and beige palette with use of the typical white tiles.

The chandelier gives a sense of antiquity while the curtains around the bath add drama and almost feels as if Queen Marie Antoinette herself would be bathing in this room.

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SHOCKING 5 Shower Habits that You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

If you’re anything close to us, having a long relaxing hot shower can be one of the best things you look for during the day. Whether showering first thing in the morning or taking one right before you sleep, it can be quite soothing to enjoy a steamy rinse.

However, you have no idea that the way you’re been showering may actually be doing you more harm than good.

Below are one of the most bad bathroom habits gathered by Talce that finally answers the question: Are you showering wrong?

Bad Habit #1 Leaving Your Loofah in the Shower4-32

We all end up hanging up our Loofah once we finish the shower. However, if your loofah isn’t completely dry, it could be the cause for all nasty stuff to start growing inside of it. A wet Loofah is the perfect house for bacteria.  Your dead skin cells become lodged in the small nooks of that Loofah which becomes the breeding base for bacteria.

That’s why, always put away the Loofah in a dry closed place so it won’t have to deal with all the Bacteria.

Bad Habit #2: Skipping A Post-Workout Shower10008_alb_xlarge_400x400_70971_13149255451

After working out, some people think that the only reason to take a shower is because of the bad smell but actually that’s not.

A recent study showed that the smell is the last thing you should be worried of, in fact that perspiration left behind on your skin could allow bacteria to proliferate which could be the main cause for rashes and breakouts.

Bad Habit #3: Drying with a rough towelmain-original-640x0c

So you probably aren’t using a scraper to dry your skin, but you might as well be if you are drying too roughly with a towel.

Rubbing yourself roughly with a towel further aggravates delicate skin and creates rashes.

Use a fluffy, smooth towel to lightly pat, not scrub or rub, your body.

Bad Habit #4: Skipping A Final BLAST Of Cold Waterbath-mixer-with-shower-and-hot-cold-mixer-valve-for-bath-tap-faucet-bathroom-shower-set

Let’s admit it. We all enjoy a hot shower then hop right out of the shower don’t you? It might shock you to know that turning the water to Freezing for 30 seconds could be quite good for you. Why?

Coldd water is linked to the increase tolerance to stress, increased fat burning, stronger immune system and have anti-depressant effects

Bad Habit #5: Wrapping Your Long Hair In A TowelPortrait of attractive smiling woman wrapped in towel with turba

Alright girls, maybe wrapping your hair in a towel and pretend it’s a burrito might be fun and won’t actually leave you bald, but it might be doing severe damage to your hair!  Wrapping your hair tightly with a towel causes the most stress and damage to your hair

Bad Habit #Extra You don’t shut the toilet lid when you flush.b000rp4oqo_large_2-_v353105842_

In a recent study, 60% of respondents indicated that they skip this most important hygienic habit. And this is a big deal! If you leave the toilet lid open, when flushing, all germy water particles can spray across the room up to 6 feet away from the toilet so make sure everyone in your household is on-board with a lid-down flushing protocol.

This exclusive list of bad bathroom habits may just change the way you shower for good. After all, your skin and your hair are counting on you!


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From Simple to Macau. Elegant Bathroom Design ideas that will rejuvenate your spirit.

Faithful to the design for which they are renowned, our master tub experts are some of the world finest problem solvers, creating the highest quality and detailed bath tubs to be found.

Elegant Bathtub Symmetry

Centered in a bay window, the tub found in this elegant modern master bath is as sculptural as it is inviting. The designer chose this symmetrical arrangement to play along the classic architecture of the room, and to create a focal point in the large

Our mission has remained the same over the 30 past years, to create true works of art, unrivaled in their level of magnificence and attention to detail while providing our clientele with unparalleled service guaranteed to exceed their expectations.

Tub for Serenity 

With a leading principal of tranquility and serenity for this master bathroom design, it’s recommended an open layout to create a flexible, quality for the space. The focal point of this linear, rectangular room is a customized basin. Its sleek curvature and monolithic form create a majestic look seen immediately upon entering the

Perfect Combination

Even the most well-appointed, high-end bath must always present practical features. To help this one give the dual masters of style and substance, it’s recommended to create dual vanities with a mix of closed and open storage. The balance of colors between the classical marble of the bathtub and wood gives this room a never ending luxurious

Small Wonder

Not every house has an available room for a sprawling master bath, but luxury comes in small packages, too. Case in point: this compact master bath boasts a light-as-air look and pampering shower accessories. To give it a dose of personality and a larger appearance a small bench was placed at the center of this bathroom to spice up the

All our work is custom, made-to-order. Even when a client tells us to make them a classical bathtub design, each creation will be unique from any other since they are customized in material choice, finish, dimensions, artistic accenting and

Our clients are not often interested in trends, but in the philosophy of individuality and standing

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